From Innovation and Tradition came our Cajubert, the cashew alternative to Camembert. With only healthy ingredients and cured for several days to perfection, this product is truly delicious!


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Vegan and organic cashew alternative to camembert. Fermented and cured to develop the characteristic intense flavor, you won’t believe it’s 100% vegetable. You can consume it cool or heated. We suggest consuming it with pumpkin jam.


CASHEW, water, coconut oil, sea salt and vegetable fermentation cultures. *

* Coming from organic farming

May contain traces of: ALMOND, CASHEW.


Nutricional Information

Energy: 1841KJ/440Kcal

Lipids: 38.4, of which saturated: 13.8g

Carbohydrates: 20.4g of which sugars <3.1g
Proteins: 9.6g Salt: 0.615g

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