Truly Healthy and Tasty

Our History

YOGAN was born out of two entrepreneurs who couldn’t find really healthy and nutritious vegan alternatives to cheese. Eating a mixture of flour, oil and flavor enhancers to look like cheese? – NOT FOR US!
As we couldn’t find products with really natural ingredients and without “added flavors” we decided to create our own food. In this process, we created our own cheese from locally grown almonds, and we decided that our path would be this one, to create really tasty, healthy and nutritious products!

In the beginning we just made the cheese to be consumed by ourselves, but soon we expanded it to friends and family. The response since then has been so good and the orders so many that we are already present in several countries in the main organic stores and supermarkets (only those with organic and healthy products, you know?)!

Organic and Healthy

Each of our products is designed to be as natural and healthy as possible. We only use organic ingredients and we want to show that it is possible to be tasty without harming your health!

Vegan e Eco Friendly

The well-being of everyone around us is something that we insistently pursue! That’s why in our identity we care about the type of packaging we use, the suppliers we buy from and the impact we have on animals and the environment around us.

In addition to purchasing our Biological products from suppliers that are closest to us, we have several projects under development in search of more sustainable packaging, and we support several local institutions with the aim of raising environmental and animal awareness!

Innovation and Tradition

From day one we are always thinking about creating our next really healthy and tasty product! We value all the knowledge that our ancestors accumulated and that is why we have adapted the traditional processes in the production of Cheese, to our products of vegetable origin.

As the origin is so important, our team is dedicated body and soul to the search for these fantastic ingredients. To do this, we try, whenever possible, to choose only biological raw material.

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